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We're 65+ Just Like You!

We’re Bill and Susan Cauthren, lifelong residents of Alamance County AND 65+ just like you. That makes it’s easier for us to talk with you about the Medicare choices you’re facing because we’re both Medicare Beneficiaries and we live here with you! 

Unlike most other agents who have not turned 65 yet, the two of us have first-hand experience dealing with the same problems you’re facing right now.  Since we’re on Medicare ourselves, we can break it all down and make it simple so you understand your needs, plus we’re able to match those needs with a policy and company.

WE WILL ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS.  We want you to feel comfortable with us, so we’ll set aside as much time as you need to give you the opportunity to ask questions. We actually teach courses at local colleges and universities, we have a lot of experience answering questions…and we’ve heard plenty of them. But if you have a question we cannot answer, we’ll get it for you.

Let’s have a conversation! It’s free, and there is no obligation to you.  Just scroll down and click the Call Bill & Susan button now!