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What Changes When You Turn 65

This is easy!  At age 65 you’re eligible to receive Medicare benefits from the Federal Government. But since Medicare typically covers only 80% of your actual medical costs, you may still need help with the other 20%, especially if you may have a major claim or you’re using expensive medications.

Do you already have group health insurance? If the answer is YES, then you’ll need to decide if it makes sense to stay on your existing group policy, or accept the Medicare benefit. That decision making process is different for everyone because everyone is different! Do you want to save money? Are you happy with the value of your current plan? Would you benefit from keeping your group plan or purchasing a supplemental policy? These are all reasons to talk to us.

If you’re answer is NO, you don’t currently have group insurance and you’re looking forward to receiving this benefit, you’ll definitely want to understand your choices.  It could very well be you’ve been unable to afford an expensive health insurance premium, but now because you’re going on Medicare, additional supplemental coverages may very well fit into your budget.  That means you’ll be able to minimize a lot of “out of pocket” charges. 

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